Learning Platforms

Development, Hosting and UX

Superior User Experience (UX)

BaseUX have developed and worked with learning platforms in Australia, UK, Ireland and the US. We concentrate on creating platforms that give a superior User Experience (UX) for our customers and their students. Online Learning platforms are remarkably uniform, but here at BaseUX, we strive to create real experiences that align to real business requirements coupled with your students’ learning goals.

We distinguish above the competition by fully utilising cutting-edge technology coupled with a deep understanding of what a learner experience is. Our development of learning environments always aligns the online product with not just the learner but also the tutor and the marketing goals.

E-commece Payments & ERP Integration

We have developed educational payment solutions that work with Government and educational systems. Our integration work also covers many different types of ERP systems, such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and custom solutions. Our development team handle complex integration work while ensuring learning platforms are geared for scale and global growth.

There are many technologies and services which are utilised to create a robust online platform; such as payment services, student management services, support, grading and content. We look to integrate the best-in-class across these technologies. A robust, scalable learning platform is never a single technology solution.

Cloud Based Learning Hosting with AWS

We keep a very open-mind and agnostic approach when defining the User Experience (UX) and the technologies that need to meet the experience. However, when it comes to the publically facing components we only use and work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting.

The AWS hosting offering is simply the best-in-class for scaled web-facing learning and provides a true scalable infrastructure with a pure OPEX 'as-a-service' cost model. While other cloud based hosting providers do exist, they lack the depth of maturity and reach of AWS.

Fig. Autoscaling structure for Online Learning.

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