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We Drive Digital Growth

Our solutions were born from our passion for the web, digital marketing and global e-commerce. Founded by Sheldon Kerr, BaseUX is uniquely positioned and focused on digital growth. We have an experienced team specialising in digital marketing, advertising, design and matched with technical expertise in hosting and development.

In 2012, we set out to create products and solutions to transform the way western businesses could reach, market and sell globally and within China.

Today, our solutions are deployed by many companies to solve problems we hadn’t even dreamed of back then.

We understand what problems and opportunities you have in the global ecommerce market space and the techniques you need to utilise when communicating with your buyers and conversions.

What We Do

We create unique marketing strategies and solutions

We understand the global digital environments, and how to implement and execute the most effective strategies. Each sector presents different challenges and opportunities. Our team specialise in business, creative and technical solutions which combine to deliver real results for our customers.

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We Develop & Host Online Platforms

BaseUX have built online platforms for learning, e-commerce, product insights and global selling. Our development always delivers a superior User Experience (UX) coupled with the best use of cloud-based technology and services.

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We help sellers sell more on Amazon

Whether using FBA, merchant fulfillment, or selling directly to Amazon as a Vendor, we help our clients achieve greater visibility, more sales, lower CPC and a lower ACoS. Our knowledgeable team creates opportunities for businesses to make money in Amazon. We help sellers sell more by winning the Buy Box.

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We help sellers sell to China

China requires a very different digital and marketing approach to Western. China has its own unique social media platforms and online retail and e-commerce platforms. We make these platforms accessible to our clients. The Chinese user experience (UX) is also unique and we ensure branding, identity and consumer behaviour is correctly implemented to meet the many expectations of Chinese consumer behaviour.

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We Provide Marketing Audits

Discover the true health of your marketing and advertising program. Our digital marketing experts will examine key areas of your analytics to diagnose the strength and weaknesses of your marketing or advertising

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