Project Peony

Chinese Content Delivery

Market directly to Chinese consumers in China

Promotes Western products via Chinese centric marketing channels

Mobile is driving Chinese Internet usage. People in China spend more time on smartphones each month than their Western counterparts. Chinese smartphone usage averages at 94 hours per month per user, a large percentage of those users simply do not use Internet at all on laptops or desktop computers.

Chinese mobile consumer behaviour is different to Western as more linked services are provided, such as payments and social. There is a barrier to entry for Western into this vast mobile market, namely due to regulation, language and lack of technical capability in Chinese digital delivery. Peony solves all these issues.


Project Peony creates and markets content directly to Chinese users within a platform within China which tailors and hosts content to work with WeChat and other social platforms. The platform is extensible to allow existing digital marketing content to be re-purposed, or create new content specifically for the Chinese consumer.

Content is pushed out to social media platforms with a call-to-action and conversion end-point (such as Tmall or JD). This content can then be tracked and reported.

Chinese Mobile Marketing Delivers the Best ROI

Chinese mobile marketing delivers the best ROI in digital marketing, as mobile Internet has the largest user base in China with an engagement to mobile that is uniquely Chinese. Project Peony makes Mobile marketing cost effective, targeted and allows performance to be tracked and measured.

WeChat is the most significant mobile platform in China. Peony can deliver content through through this platform in a standardised technology (HTML-5), which can also be delivered to other social-media providers.

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